2009 Press Releases

Two reports published today by the Standards Commission, show that candidates at the European elections disclosed total election spending of almost €4M (€3,991,629) and candidates in the two Dáil bye-elections disclosed spending of €259,760. Unsuccessful candidates at the European elections disclosed donations of €86,432 and unsuccessful Dáil bye- election candidates disclosed donations of €16,571. The successful candidates at the elections are required to furnish donation statements to the Standards Commission by 31 January 2010
"Ireland's existing anti-corruption mechanisms are recognised as being strong by international standards, but a continuing effort is required to ensure that this remains the case. The trust of citizens in our public institutions is essential for a healthy democracy "
Political parties received a total of €13,742,203 in state funding for 2008, according to figures released today by the Standards Commission. The money was paid to the parties under the Electoral Acts and under the Party Leaders Allowance legislation.
Figures released today by the Standards in Public Office Commission show that political parties disclosed donations worth €96,523 for 2008. This is the lowest figure disclosed since 1997 when the law requiring disclosure was commenced.
TDs, Senators and MEPs disclosed donations with a total value of €163,394 for 2008 according to figures published today by the Standards Commission in a report to the Ceann Comhairle. The amount disclosed represents a decrease of €692,601 or 81% on the figure of €855,995 disclosed for 2007 and reflects the fact that 2007 was an election year.
TDs and Senators should not provide pre-paid Oireachtas envelopes (or other Oireachtas facilities) to candidates at the forthcoming local and European elections, according to the Standards in Public Office Commission.
The Standards in Public Office Commission has today furnished a report to the Ceann Comhairle concerning donations disclosed by Mr Patrick O'Meara, an individual donor. Mr O'Meara was required to complete a Donation Statement in respect of donations made by him during 2007. Most of the donations disclosed by Mr O'Meara were made to branches of Fianna Fáil and to individual members of Fianna Fáil.
The Standards Commission has published a report on its supervision of the "third party" provisions of the electoral legislation at the Referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in 2008. Prepared by the Commission at the request of the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, the report points to deficiencies in the law and suggests areas for improvement.