Press Release - Report on Parliamentary Activities Allowance 2017 of Political Parties and Independent Members

Press Release – Standards Commission releases 2017 report on Parliamentary Activities Allowance for Political Parties and Independent Members

The Standards Commission today released a report on the state funding of political parties and independent members under the legislation governing the Parliamentary Activities Allowance.

A qualifying party is defined in the Act as a political party, registered in the Register of Political Parties, which contested the last preceding general election and which had at least one member elected to Dáil Éireann or elected or nominated to Seanad Éireann.

In 2017, there were nine parties that qualified for the allowance, namely: Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, the Green Party, Independents 4 Change, the Labour Party, Sinn Féin, Social Democrats, Socialist Party and Solidarity – People Before Profit. The total funding payable in 2017 to the parliamentary party leaders of these parties amounted to €7.629 million. Eight of the nine parties submitted the required returns and are in compliance; one remains outstanding.

The funding payable to non-party members of the Dáil during 2017 amounted to €703,704.

The funding payable to non-party members of the Seanad during 2017 amounted to €299,891.

Total reported spending during the year, by both parties and independent members who submitted returns, amounted to €7.359 million.

The Standards Commission does not have a role in the allocation of this funding, but it has a supervisory role in relation to expenditure of the funds.

Details of the funding, how it was spent and the accompanying Statements of Expenditure and Auditors’ Reports are contained in the report, entitled Exchequer Funding under the Parliamentary Activities Allowance Legislation in 2017, published today by the Standards Commission. This report is available at:

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