How to make a complaint about a member of staff

The Secretariat to the Standards Commission is staffed by officers of the Office of the Ombudsman therefore you should send your complaint in writing to the Director General, Office of the Ombudsman, 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

If your complaint is considered a serious one, the Director General will ask a staff member to act as a Complaints Officer. The Complaints Officer will examine your complaint and make recommendations about it to the Director General.

Documents about your complaint must be kept in a separate file and not held on the personnel file of the person you have complained about.

The staff member you have complained about will be shown all the evidence gathered by the Complaints Officer, including your complaint, and given a chance to respond to this evidence by the Complaints Officer.

In all cases, the person you have complained about will be allowed to comment on the final letter to you before it is sent to you.

If the staff member and the Complaints Officer disagree about the outcome of the examination, the Director General will look at the issue again. The decision of the Director General will be final. Any decision reached will not affect the rights of any individual under Finance Circular 11/2001. This outlines how complaints about the civil service are handled. Due to the Office of the Ombudsman’s obligations under data protection legislation, we will not be able to share information with you about internal staffing matters. Such matters are deemed to be personal information under the relevant legislation and, as such, confidential. This means that we cannot let you know about any action taken against the staff member as a result of your complaint.

The final letter should be cleared through the Director General and, if appropriate, the Ombudsman, before it is sent to you.

Each complaint will be dealt with individually. If action or compensation is recommended by the Complaints Officer, it will be up to the Director General to make a decision about that recommendation. We do not always seek compensation or indeed receive it if we do request it.

The Complaints Officer may recommend action to the Director General that will prevent the same problem happening again.