Register of Corporate Donors

Application for inclusion in the Register of Corporate Donors


In accordance with the Electoral (Amendment) (Political Funding) Act 2012, corporate donors are obliged to register with the Standards in Public Office Commission by 31 December each year.  The onus is on the corporate donor to register and to ensure that the details provided are correct.  The Guidelines for the Register of Corporate Donors are available below.

Corporate Donor

For the purposes of the legislation, a corporate donor is defined as:

  • a body corporate, 
  • an unincorporated body of persons, or,
  • a trust,

which makes a donation, and for the purpose of this definition a body corporate and any subsidiary thereof shall be deemed to be one person.


Guidelines for Corporate Donors

Corporate Donor Guidelines.pdf (size 209.6 KB)


Corporate Donor Application Form

Corporate Donor application form.docx (size 702.2 KB)

Corporate Donor application form.pdf (size 329.7 KB)


Approval of a Donation by a Corporate Donor Form

Statement of Approval of a Donation by a Corporate Donor.pdf (size 32.7 KB)