Parliamentary Activities Allowance

The 2014 Act provides that the Commission may prepare and publish guidelines for the purpose of providing practical guidance to parliamentary leaders of qualifying parties, independent members and personal representatives relating to the application and operation of the legislation.

The Commission has published these guidelines and the guidelines are titled:  “Parliamentary Activities Allowance Guidelines for Party Leaders” and “Parliamentary Activities Allowance Guidelines for Independent Members”.

The relevant provisions of the 2014 Act came into operation on 1 July 2014. The guidelines come into operation from Tuesday, 10 February 2015.


Party Leaders

PAA Expenditure Form Party Leaders 2018.docx (size 59.3 KB)

PAA Expenditure Form Party Leaders 2018.pdf (size 536.5 KB)


Independent Members

PAA Expenditure Form Independent Members 2018.docx (size 55 KB)

PAA Expenditure Form Independent Members 2018.pdf (size 491.5 KB)

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