Dáil General Election of 2007

Published  May 2013


I am pleased to furnish this report to the Chairman of Dáil Éireann (Ceann Comhairle) in accordance with the provisions of section 4(1) of the Electoral Act 1997, as amended. The Donation Statements/Statutory Declarations referred to in the report were furnished to the Standards in Public Office Commission pursuant to section 24 of the Act while the Certificates of Monetary Donations/Statutory Declarations and statements from financial institutions were furnished pursuant to section 23B of the Act. The Election Expenses Statements were furnished pursuant to section 36 of the Act.

As outlined in the report, the Standards Commission will facilitate dissemination of material contained in Donation Statements and Election Expenses Statements by posting a summary of the material on www.sipo.ie and by making the material available at its offices for inspection and copying.

Justice Matthew P. Smith
December 2007


Dáil General Election 2007

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