Investigation Reports

Where it decides to do so, the Standards Commission will carry out an investigation in accordance with the provisions of the Ethics Acts. The legislation provides that it shall hold sittings for the purpose of an investigation and that it may receive submissions and evidence as it thinks fit at such sittings. Provision is made for cross-examination of witnesses. At the conclusion of an investigation, the Standards Commission prepares a report of the result of the investigation, which is provided to the relevant parties and others specified in the legislation.

The Standards Commission also investigates non-compliance with tax clearance obligations under the Ethics Acts by appointees to senior positions of employment in, or to directorships of, public bodies and by persons elected to both Houses of the Oireachtas.

This investigation follows a different procedure to that of investigation hearings, as these cases deal with more technical matters of compliance. The Commission corresponds with the individuals concerned about their obligations and the consequences of non-compliance, and they are provided with the opportunity to respond and to comply. Every effort is made to engage with the relevant persons with regard to their tax obligations with a view to ensuring compliance.

Once an individual complies with their obligations, the investigation is discontinued. Where an individual does not engage or does not comply with their obligations, the Commission proceeds to finalise their investigation and issues a report. The report is provided to the individual and their employing public body, laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas, and is made public.

March 2019

Investigation Report - Councillor John O'Donnell.pdf (size 16.8 MB) |

Investigation Report - Councillor Joe Queenan.pdf (size 6.6 MB)


Investigation Report - Section 23 Non-Compliance Dr Bryan Jones .pdf (size 701.4 KB)

December 2018

Investigation Report - Councillor Frank Durcan (pdf size 1.3MB)

Investigation Report - Councillor Cyril Burke (pdf size 1.3MB)

Investigation Report - Mr Peter Hynes (pdf size 935kb)

September 2018Investigation report - Section 23 Non-Compliance Dr. John Doherty.pdf (size 358.8 KB)
April 2017Investigation Report: Mr Richard Hickey formerly a member of the Board of the Family Support Agency
December 2016Investigation Report: Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill formerly of Donegal County Council and Údarás na Gaeltachta
November 2015Investigation Report: Mr Tim Caffrey, Chief Executive, Longford County Council
December 2014Investigation Report: Former Councillor Dessie Larkin, Donegal County Council and the Border,
Midland and Western Regional Assembly
June 2014Investigation Report: Councillor Pádraig Doherty, Donegal County Council and formerly Údarás na Gaeltachta
September 2013Record of Decision - Michael Lowry T.D.
February 2012Investigation Report: Councillor Oisín Quinn, Dublin City Council
April 2011Letter to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government re Mayo County
Council investigation
April 2011Investigation Report - Councillor, Donegal County Council
March 2011Investigation Report - Senior Executive Engineer, Mayo County Council
May 2007Investigation Report - Killarney Town Councillors