Third Parties

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List of Organisations RegisteredDate Registered
Abortion Never06/02/2018
Abortion Rights Campaign26/03/2018
Alliance for Freedom and Democracy30/03/2015
Amnesty International Ireland26/03/2018
Anti-Corruption Ireland14/03/2019
Atheist Ireland04/03/2015
Benedict Ó Floinn04/09/2018
The Charter Group   27/04/2015
Cherish All The Children Equally07/02/2017
Choice Ireland                  27/03/2015
Christian Solidarity Party              31/03/2015
Coalition to Repeal The Eight06/12/2017
CÓIR     31/03/2015
Donegal Pro Life21/05/2018
Education Equality20/12/2017
Family & Life09/12/2016
Immigration Control Platform    20/03/2015
Independent Alliance   22/01/2016
Iona Institute    23/04/2015
Irish Council for Civil Liberties        26/03/2018
Janet O'Sullivan03/04/2018
The Life Institute12/04/2018
Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice14/05/2018
National Campaign for the Arts 30/03/2015
National Women's Council of Ireland30/01/2018
Peace and Neutrality Alliance    01/04/2015
People's Movement      08/04/2015
Pro life Campaign            01/04/2015
Right2Water      20/05/2015
RISE!     01/09/2015
Save Navan Hospital      10/06/2015
Save the 8th26/01/2018
Seanad Reform Group/Democ Matter  01/04/2015
The Socialist Party25/01/2018
Socialist Workers Network02/04/2015
TFMR Ireland    17/10/2017
Together For Yes28/03/2018
Women's Health in Ireland23/04/2018